Scholarships are a great way to Legacy Volunteer.

If you have ever wished you could do something meaningful to remember a special person in your life, the concept of “legacy volunteering” might be what you’re looking for.

Legacy volunteering is about finding ways to volunteer and give back to the community in memory of a loved one who has passed away. It’s a way to keep their spirit alive while also making a positive impact.

There are many creative ways to get involved. The first way (and typically the most used) is to contribute to a charity or cause that was important to the person. This could be through financial donations or by donating items they would have appreciated, like clothing or household goods, to the charity that was important to them.

Another idea is to set up a memorial scholarship in their name to support students pursuing higher education. At Bennie Smith Funeral Home of Delaware we have consistently supported students in their higher education efforts.  Many seek scholarships each year, and there is a great joy in knowing you’re helping young people achieve their dreams in honor of someone special.

If the person had a favorite charity or organization, you could volunteer your time with that organization. Spending a few hours a week or month serving meals or walking dogs at an animal shelter can be incredibly meaningful.

You can choose to host fundraising events, like charity walks or bake sales, to raise money for causes close to the person. This is an easy way to bring a community together and celebrate the person’s legacy.

Planting a tree or memorial garden in their memory is a living, growing tribute that will provide joy for years to come. If the person received hospice care, you could volunteer to provide companionship and support to other patients and families.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to legacy volunteering. The key is to find an activity that appeals to you but also aligns with the passions and values of the person you’re honoring.

By transferring your grief/loss/sorrow into positive action, you can keep your person’s memory alive and make a difference in your community; it’s a great way to find healing and purpose during a difficult time.

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to remember a special person, explore the idea of legacy volunteering. Ideas abound—you simply need to spend a little time thinking about them—but it’s a great way to honor their legacy and create a lasting impact.