Candace Simpson - Funeral Director at Bennie Smith Funeral Homes Delaware

When we think of professions that touch lives directly, funeral directors might not be the first that come to mind. Yet, it’s roles like these that help people find solace during their most challenging moments. One name that’s new to Delaware in this realm is Candace L. Simpson, a newly Licensed Funeral Director with Bennie Smith Funeral Home of Delaware.

Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, the southernmost island in the West Indian chain, Candace’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. She’s not just another funeral director; she’s a third-generation professional, carrying forward a legacy while adding her unique touches to services.

Candace’s commitment to her profession became evident when she graduated Summa Cum Laude from the American Academy McAllister Institute of Mortuary Science in Manhattan, NY, in August 2000. Holding her NYS License for two decades, she has since become a respected figure, a testament to her dedication and skill.

Her recent role as a Master Embalmer and Funeral Service Instructor at Bennie Smith Funeral Home of Delaware hinted at bigger things on the horizon. This position served as a catalyst for her to get licensed in Delaware. On July 25, 2023, after much dedication, Candace achieved her goal. She successfully completed the Delaware Laws, Rules, and Regulations Examination for Funeral Service, receiving glowing reviews from the local governing Board of Funeral Services.

Candace’s success isn’t just her own. She’s quick to extend heartfelt thanks to the Division of Professional Regulation and the Delaware Board of Funeral Services. The support from Andrea N. Torruellas, the Managing Director at Bennie Smith Funeral Homes of Delaware, and Mr. Terrence Nichols, the CEO, has been invaluable to her growth.

But perhaps the most touching tribute is to her mother and spiritual mentor, Sheila Anne Simpson. In Candace’s words, Sheila nurtured her not just as a person of faith but also as an Ethical Entrepreneur.

Candace’s words resonate with her dedication, “I am deeply honored to serve as a Delaware State Licensed Funeral Director. My passion for this industry and commitment to enhancing the experience of the families we serve is what drives me forward.”

As she embarks on this new chapter, families in Delaware have much to be thankful for. In Candace L. Simpson, they have not just a funeral director but an advocate, a guide, and above all, a compassionate human being ready to stand by them during their hardest times.